Random cutie Han pic

Lew complained I don't blog often enough... maybe a cute snap-shot of Hantje justifies it. I've been @ home this week- working quite frantically on comic pages, cover sketches, corrections (I feel really dumb when it comes to mirror and reflection... theory and practice have never been more.... miles away from each other) and dealing with a sick bf.
I wanted to work on several things additionally but I was so tired I mostly just ended up napping on the couch whenever my mentally wake presence was not needed. It was so good and I really needed it.

I try to blog more often in the future if anything interesting pops up. At the moment I'm a bit wrapped up in the odds of life and getting the last big bunch of comic pages done aaaand a board-game finally rollin' into conception phase.

Zebra-Schwein got pre-nominated for the Graf Ludo 2012 and in 2 weeks the winner of the Origins Awards will be annouced. I don't really try to hope but it's good to see things get recognized. Actually it's pretty lame not to scream hurray but last year kind of sobered me up. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ich war letzte Woche von der Arbeit aus auf feiner Fortbildung, wo neue, für öffentliche Einrichtungen geeignete Spiele vorgestellt wurden...und Zebraschwein war auch dabei :)

Das hat mich zum einen sehr gefreut, zum anderen haben die beiden, die die Veranstaltung geleitet haben, aber auch nur Positives drüber zu sagen gehabt.

Werd es für unsere Bib jetzt auf jeden Fall bestellen und für zuhause wahrscheinlich dann auch *gg*

Und Hantje ist einfach eine Augenweide. Hach!

Kahzumi said...

Aww, it's such a cutieee! :D