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Actually some layers seem to be missing in the screenshot... O_o *scratches head*
Anyways, that's a good way to show that Photoshop isn't always click and done and not everything can be fixed with one layer. Especially when it comes to 50% non-painted art, I found it very useful to carefully layer effects over each other instead of trying to stuff everything in one.
Since I've got the bad habit of NOT naming everything I can strongly advise to NOT follow my example. ;) It's pure madness but in the workflow I totally forget resulting in massive swearing afterwards.

If somebody wonders: I work with both the English (home studio) and German (studio) version. Results in pretty funny files.

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malumi said...

hahaha, that screen-shot looks familiar to me XD. In former times I was to lazy to name the layers, after a while I was gonna freaking confused about the whole thing, taking the most time to search for the right layer. So now I named all layers and make files, like face or outlines and so on, it helps a little bit.