New Homepage is UP, UP, UP!


ist finally relaunched. It feel a bit weird to have the video online but I hope some people will find it usefull. We're fixing minor bugs and correct some things but basically it's done.

Regarding the video: I know the japanese one is out of space awesome but at some points me and my colleagues discussed if it's even possible. I think it is possible (to achieve those results with AA) but again, for me the DS is mostly a thing for total beginners, sketching on the road and color concepts (again it comes in handy to have something that's small and uncomplicated).

Therefore the tutorials will show only the basics and images you can do in half an hour. Not more. I spend around 1 1/2 on a paprika, which is fine and I like the result but it's not the main point using it as a pro- in my opinion.

There will be a little contest in some months- so if anyboy is keen on getting a DS and Art Academy for free keep an eye on the blog. :)

Regarding my gallery and the more than honest words on the homepage: It sucks a lot if people steal your art. Really. No matter how much I'd like to be cool and stay above... it doesn't work. I get angry every time somebody sells my artwork for 200 bucks upwards and I can't accept answers like "I found it on Google images, what's the problem?!"
The problem is that it's illegal and the bigger problem is that it's my stuff.

So until we find a solution I have to keep the homepage gallery like it is. I am totally sorry (I already had all images ready :/ ). IF anybody knows how to technically prevent those rips let me know. Maike and me are trying to find a solution and every help is totally appreciated.

If you have any questions- let me know. I'll try to repost the text in German language later.

Please keep in mind that you need to have an account to post something here- it's the only solution to prevent massive spam posts from companies offering stuff you don't want to buy.


Mika said...

Leider, leider habe ich da auch keinen Tip oder eine Idee wie man das Problem lösen kann =/
Glaube ich dir gerne dass dich das ziemlich ankotzt >_<

Aber ich wollte dir ein Kompliment für deine Page machen, ist wirklich sehr hübsch geworden!!

LG Mika

tRiSh said...

To prevent people from stealing on my blog, I don't allow the right click, which is not enough but it's already something, then I link other images to the owner or to my flickr page. Also you could put a copyright signature on the images you put out there...
Hope it helps. Lovely site btw!

trenchmaker said...

@Mika dankeschön- wir finden schon irgendeine Lösung. :)

Well, I already decided to use flash since you can't even access the source code (which can be done in html) to get the pics. In that case the deactivation of the right click makes it a bit more complicated but not impossible. But maybe it is impossible anyway in the internet... if you don't want to ulglify you images. :/
And well... everything can be retouched.
I had such a case last year and it wasn't pleasant.