Artist= Vampire... We need no sunshine

I feel like being glued to my screens. I miss the sunlight, sports (actually got very very fond of my nearly daily training), I wanted to read books and reduce my coffee consumation which happens to be pretty much too high at the moment.
The working space looks pretty dark on the pictures but it's light enough to get no sore eyes. I have mostly closed curtains since the natural light bugs me too much and looking outside and seeing sunshine is totally depressing if you can't actually GO OUTSIDE. Arf. Vampire mode is not my most beloved mode at the moment.

Otherwise I finished the last corrections on the third board-game on Friday and it's coming out in Febraury already. If you like animals and to draw, laugh and make nasty fun of ugly doodles this will be 100%ly something you'll like.

So looking forward to get out again and see daylight.


Barwa said...

Hello, I can add a link to your blog on my blog? You are a great inspiration for me. Greetings! Barbara

The View Through My Pencil said...

I totally understand! Lol my sister would call me a vampire because when she would come into the Batcave (the room where I have my computer at) and turn the light on I would hiss at her...lol! Also when I would go outside (more like get clubbed and dragged out) I would scream, "DE LIGHT! DE LIGHT! IT BURNS!" But I let my eye adjust then enjoy the outdoors. :)