the problem with cats and Christmas

Clearly Christmas is totally cool for cats. At least when it comes to decoration and paper wrapping. Tretel decided to chew on our chain of lights last year (when it was ON) and Hantje loves paper wrappings. Most interesting part might be half packed gifts... you have no idea how fast they can undo the whole work.

A shame we love our cats anyway.... ;) I guess we'll buy paper and stuff twice this year.


Fiothin said...

Ooooh, wie ich dieses Problem kenne. :D
Aber anstatt sie daran zu hindern, sitzt man daneben und denkt sich: "Awww, wie süß!"

LynLyn-chan said...

meine katze hilft auch sehr gerne beim auspacken und wickelt sich dann in das geschenkband ein, sodass wir sie befreien müssen XD

intomind said...

i know exactly what you mean. we just got a new kitten and he is such a handful, we cannot leave him alone or he will tear down the christmas tree all by himself

MACA Color y Cosas said...

Siiiiiiiiiiii mi gato Kensei dormia en las ramas del arbol