short vacation- heading north

 Guess where I spend the week-end? Crowds, lotsa fried food, pretty bad (and sometimes good) music and a lot of wind and salty air? Oh yes, we were in Hamburg. I needed a break pretty bad. We headed north on Friday and since the Hamburg habour is honoured yearly with a big party we spend some hours mingling with too many people and enjoying the quirks of slightly chaotic traffic.
 Left is Sonja, one of the best friends you can wish for (aka willing to let us mooch time and a couch to sleep on), right me. Excuse the look... free time= instant slob mode- the all black thing was an accident as well. Behind us: Hamburg habour near the Landungsbrücken before the hauler ballet started.
 Oh yes! Before heading to Hamburg we went to Warnemünde (if you ever visit Germany in summer... GO THERE! At least for a day.... really!). It was so nice to dip my feet into the baltic sea. Some brave girls were already swimming.
Pretty amazing view: zero people, muchas sunny skyline. Oh I love the sea in May. My greedy Gollum self loved the humanfree view we had.

I came back with lots of ideas, a fresh amount of motivation and tons of fruits and asparagus. We usually don't leave Hamburg withouth visiting the weekly fish market (every Sunday, 5:00-9:30 am) and I shopped myself to death on... fruits and asparagus. I love asparagus... it's a never ending love-story.

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Lazytroll said...

I had rain all the week-end and I live so close to Hamburg!!!
Are your ideas related to the aspragus? :D