What a month + random cutie Han

 Fluffy Han still sports a lot of fluff. I wonder if the fuzzle attack ever stops. Unfortunately she loves to hog the bed, couch, me, Timon, clothes... everything cozy. Well duh- I guess the perks of having cats.
These arrived some weeks (months?) ago and getting these from the customs was pretty epic since it was a hugggeeee package and only these small figurines inside which nobody understood. I think Renee did an awesome job. The small pumpkin hat is removeable. I love it so much.

Otherwise I was sick as a dog and try to make up the lost weeks. It's a lot of work and I spend some hours at the lawyer clarifying some stuff I actually didn't want to deal with. I think a lot of people underestimate the need for a good lawyer.
When you start to freelance make sure you have a good contact you can reach fast and who does a good job. It's annoying but important and if a shit storm starts you better make sure to use everything you have to fight back.

But whopee... next to that I'm pretty fine and will post more work-related pics soon. Today I just want to enjoy the great weather. I hope you have some rays of sunshine as well. I craved these a lot. Thanks god the good weather is back.

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Lazytroll said...

*-* they are lovely! So cute that my manlyness is gone to fetch me milk and cookies.
Still the copyright violation of the anti-stress ball? Hope you will solve that bog quick :/