Huuugggee WTF

A fellow deviantartist linked me the information and image this morning. The anti stress ball is sold in the 123Mart in New Zealand. Seriously?! It looks like a chinese production and is a rip-off. IF you happen to see it: do NOT buy it- it's illegal and I already contact the laywer. Cross your finger for me the thing gets solved.
I am kinda tired of this stuff happening. It's not so complicated to send me a mail with a license request. Gah!
I am thanksful for everybody who keeps me informed and sends me those information... even if they happen to not make my day more shiny and happy. Networking will someday- me being optimistic- show those fuckers that artists actually care pretty much about being respected for what they do. In these moments I feel just like a doormat. Duh.

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Lazytroll said...

Finger crossed, kick some asses!