Spreading Love...

.... or winter fuzzles. It's this time of the year again when I put on clean clothes and after 2 minutes with the cats they look like this:
It doesn't look that bad but having a third cat (amount of hair) spread all over my clothes is sometimes really annoying- my back is the worst part and I wonder how the hairs got *there*. The third unwanted cat is everywhere. Hantje tends to nap in my freshly washed pile of shirts and I end up frantically removing the third cat every morning. I love my kittens but the third cat in spring is the worst part. Probably.
Since Tretel still loves to sit on the balcony freezing his booty off he has a decent amount of third cat he loves to share. Same goes for Hantje.


FlyingPurpleHippos.com said...

I think I assumed you were a guy before this photo, hah.

trenchmaker said...

@Alana no shit? It fascinates me people refer to me so often as a guy. I wonder why... not that it bothers me getting cute love declarations from girls but it's kinda odd anyways. ;)