Happy Stalking

 Hantje does the ceiling cat with much more grace than Tretel... I think. Did I mention they'll turn 3 in April already? O_o Time flies by.
And I really wanted to post this little creeper weeks ago but I never found time to do so. Stalker Kitteh!!!! Isn't he great?! Saskia give him to me and he's still sitting in the same position on my table. Stalking my every move. Oh I love him O_O and it's the only stalker I love.

This blog will get some major pimping in the next months and I hope you bear the absence of more posts. I am happily drowning in (partially private) work again and I hope the new look will be much loved. It certainly will make some things easier. For everybody.


Lydia said...

Hi I stumbled upon your deviantart account and then your blog and I LOVE it! I love your art (especially Chubbanimals!) and your beautiful cats. Looking forward to more posts! :D

Lazytroll said...

take it easy, we'll wait :)