Kiki figurines

These are actually not fan-made but commissioned. Some girls get new shoes... i get figurines @_@
 And because blogger sucks at the moment and won't let me link the videos...
you have to click the links.

Pumpkin Kiki

Froghat Kiki

I'll update the videos links as soon as blogger accepts the links. Grrr...
Static eye-candy:

You want a figurine of your character as well?
IF you are interested to get a high quality figurine of your original character you might want to consider commissioning Vii as well. She's a great sculptor and showed me inbetween steps and corrected things in a light speed. The price per figurine is *more* than reasonable and I highly recommend her.
Visit VII on her Deviantart page She listed a price chart but it's best to directly note her to get the final price since it can differ a lot depending on details.Did I mention I love what she does? I mean look at the pumpkin one.... I send t-poses and got back that tiny perfect squishy thing. Oh, I'm so in love with it Q_Q

Otherwise I'm still and constantly swamped in work (which is nice...nothing's worse than being unattractive in the market). I had a prototype game play yesterday and my head is still spinning from information overload. I cross my fingers this monster of a project will come out fine. At the moment I'm just scared that thing might blow up right into my face but it's a challenge and I love challenges.

We started our weekly outside swimming session again and since the sun finally pops out inbetween muddy clouds it's nice to get a bit of vitamin D. I missed the sun a lot and I am yearning to be more active outside when you're not freezing your bum off no matter how many layers you wear. I love winter but it stayed long enough this time, don't you think?

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