DA Graphic Artist Bag

First time I´m glad that I´m home this week. Mah bag arrived today :D
When Angelo and Heidi from Deviantart were in Berlin I saw the bag (Angelo has it) and I was like: "Oh, I want that one too! ;_;"
Yes... I know, community love and so on, expensive, why can´t you take a normal bag... I still think it´s worth the money. And I love it. I´m glad the metro flap wasn´t sold out because I really wanted that one. >_<

logo.... on the cover. Small but very nice.

most important: What fits in. I have the graphic artist version which has an additional inlay. I guess I won´t need it but nice to know I can use it if I want to.
First of all: Yes, it looks like you can´t put *anything* in.

I tried it out... :D My list of things I got in without squeezing:
heavy hardcover graphic novel (in other words: a big book)
my purse (which is huge >_>; )
netbook additional battery

ok, you might not be able to lift it but it fits in.... >_<>


Anonymous said...

Can u tell me, does a normal folder for A4 papers fit in?

sry my english is a bit rusted xD

well greez for ur artists bag!

thanks in advance

trenchmaker said...

yes, they fit in. :)