prisma check

I got some "homework" with organic flower illustrations and tested my prismas... because NOW I really need those. Normally we as pro-digital generation think: Whoa cooolll... digital. When it comes to what "normal people" want it´s: Oh look, this looks nice.. so... hand-drawn. Either you DO draw everything by hand or fake it with Painter. I rather stick to option one (tried second and failed... to be honest).

this tiny piece of test-color is actually just 3 cm big and means nothing... of course my camera didn´t get the colors correct (and even more... wouldn´t be able to at 00:04 at night)... but I guess you can get a clue how those colors might work.

When I do a macro shot I get this... looks really organic and it "feels like" drawing organic because light colors can be literally carved into the darker surface. Quite interesting and I love the effect. The texture is morel like pastels (some pencils crumble a lot but well... nothing I can´t handle with a sponge I bought in Sweden :D ) and the colors are very thick and smooth.

I guess I wouldn´t work with Polychromos now... anymore. I have some old ones of Faber Castell and those don´t smear as much as the new ones.
The other problem with Polys is that some colors changed. The name is still the same but the actual color looks different (and the texture is different). I had that problem with dark sepia. Good for sketches but alas... why did they change the color?!

I hope I can show some final results when the first illustrations (boring but neat I guess) are done.