Detail of a dress.... the original size of the paper is A 3. Because I need "free space" around the main part the size kills my details. The characters face is like 2 cm high and I never had so many problems to get facial details into such a small space. Next time: Details prepared with ink... lets see if this works >_> Or work on A2 (ewww).
Colors do look crap. In real it´s awesome (but takes a lot of pressure to get a smooth colorshading)

surface macro... shiny!!!
I mixed around ten shades of red. I wish I could get better colors but... the cam sucks with artificial light.
Have to finish that one on Sunday... well... possible. I guess I´m mad with new techniques and material at the momemt.


Zeitwolf said...

Seems to be a nice coating on the surface, now. But you can't adjust shades or details, when it's that shiny, can you?

trenchmaker said...

you can... up to a certain point. If it´s not just a little dot it works (had that dot-fail with the eyes).

Anna said...

I think think the colours are pretty awsome. Prismacolor you say? Maybe I have to get some of those...I have to work with polychromos since my profs want it that way but I'm not really satisfied...

Anonymous said...

Sieht herrlich aus! :D
Bin mal gespannt auf das Endergebnis!


草蜢Jon said...

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