I haven´t been in the office since Monday. My stomach wanted revenge for two weeks with too much coffee, too nervous nights and -my own fault as well- stressful days. I was so excited because of a new project that I got sick.
I know it´s odd. I drink tea atm, eat my cereals and complain about unspiced food. It´s not that bad but I´m craving so much for spicy japanese food. Gaawwwd... Dragon Roll, I miss u so much.

I´m yawning along but the real sleep doesn´t come up. It´s a crux. I can´t sleep because I don´t have that much to do. Except reading... the comics and graphic novels I should read are piling up. I never thought it would be so hard to read stuff you normally wouldn´t buy. o_O

Good thing: I am nearly finished with my agency stuff. Oh my... just one piece left. I can´t believe it. It´s really hard to stick to a certain style while doing a complete set of illustrations. I started redoing some, added things here and there, corrected details but again: I´m glad when everything´s over. I really want to start a new project concept. Just bad that I cna´t work at home because I get tired every time I start Photoshop. XD

still unfinished....

finished... I love that one but the ivy killed my patience...

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