Art Academy -first try

Well… where to start. I got a DSi XL yesterday and started testing the Art Academy. If you think “Oh gosh, she starts advertising like hell”… nope, I won’t, don’t worry. ;)

The last game console I had was a Sega Game Gear so you see I’m pretty much totally out of it. Or was.Good about the whole thing is that even noobs can use it since 99% are pretty intuitive.

Starting with the bad things: The only thing that is really bad is that nobody considered adding porting. If you finished something and want to show off: Impossible. And I guess nobody wants to  take a pic of the screen everytime. I hope they will add that soon- since I googled it and a lot of people complained it seems to be something nobody likes.
  Free drawing - for those who want to have some minutes off the lessons and those who are too curious to get a lesson *before* they tested everything. You know, artists can be kids. Of course i started painting before even looking into the rest. O.o
The second screen -your touchscreen has all small icons on top. They pop up if you activate them via arrow. It's simple but for such a small screen it's perfect. after 5 minutes it's easy and natural to switch.
The palette acts a bit unusual but it's cool since you see the color wheel on top and can decide which color you add and what color will come out. As you can see I have a light green-yellow in. Activate the basic color and tap on the others and they automatically mix. Nice. Though I miss a cyan.

The blue what's on the palette is a neutral sky-blue. As I said you don't have an "export image" option so those are pics I took this morning.

First day opinion: As a “small console game” Art Academy is pretty much fun. The graphics and especially “Bacon” are nice and make it more appealing than I’d guess.


Zeitwolf said...

hehe, I know what I'll be doing on friday XD

trenchmaker said...

@Lew ... flatcat does flats.

ShaylaF said...

This game looks awesome! I want it now...that does suck you cant upload it to the internet however.

You are a fantastic artist btw.