whozzaaa... pink!

so... we actually made it. In this awesome contest ! 6. place is not bad. At least I don't have to worry about how to pay for a legal Flash version anymore. :D
We'll upload the game as soon as a sponsor decided for the game which might take some more days. I have to admit that I doubted more and more that we'll make it (contest took so effin long) but... sun shines on our heads again.

I hope nobody gets pink-cancer from my blog. I got tired of white and though it's not fancy for men getting caught reading a pink blog you have to bear with it till I find something else.

A side-story which is really funny (odd):
At one fair I started joking around with Vinc from Tokyopop if people sell the Shikishi (autograph) cards when they don't want a "for XY" on it. Normally people act like: "NEVER! No way!" Odd about the whole thing is that one card is on ebay now and of course there is no "for...." on it. So I guess it's from one of those girls who shook their heads so enthusiastically.
Is it so hard to admit that you get those cards because you consider getting money out of it? Come on, I am happy myself that the "Lady Oscar" comics are worth 50 bucks atm. .... though I bought those because I really enjoyed reading it (though the kitsch almost hurt).
Strange enough and funny people are bidding on it. If you happen to be one of those: I'll send you one for free with an extra hug ;)

And now back to painting stones for a game... doh.


Zeitwolf said...

Congrats on the 6ths!

And I'm glad, I read you via Reader - so I can avoid the baby pink XD

Jameelah said...

cantik blog awak..nice your blog... rasa nak tiru je... tapi tak pandai..:)

Shuma said...

yay ~~~ Poong is the best ! ^o^

Love the new design *-*

*lies=on* -> Yesh yesh yesh I'm bidding on it please send me a hug :B *lies=off*