Maybe i should add sparkle...?

Endless hours of painting, painting, complaining, painting, complain, complain, cry, painting, complain.... you get it.
Finished! Bitch of a game board.
I failed several times and I regret every single of those fails.
I always work twice the size needed -at least. So i chose 116 cm and plenty of optimism. And 600 dpi actually. And I started to wonder why 8 GB ram aren't enough. Arggg.... Nevertheless it looked good. Really.

Only some thing was missing. I joked with Ed about "maybe sparkle?". And yes, that's it. The fancy fillers that make a "looks good" to "looks really good". It's so odd but imagine all those fantasy fairy-dragon-unicorn-pics without at least a bit sparkle. Doesn't work 100%ly. Works without but it just looks better with a bit sparkle-me-up-scottie.

Good this wasn't about vampires though. O___o
Ad now I hope the company screams "that's it" instead of "maybe we change some things (subtitle: like everything)".
Anne ... with hell of a back-ache after nearly 12 hours at the comp just today... and it's bloody Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I hope they'll like it then ! And yeah... sparkles are the little something that change everything :)

If they validate everything, will you be able to show us all your hard work? or is there a privacy thing from the company you work for?

Anyway, take care, and get some long deserved rest :)

Akai said...

sparkles rules the world, they can change everything :D
but as you can see with the vampires xD it's not always the best idea

I found your blog by accident and I want to tell you that I really like you books
they are so cute *__*