Black n White... and mostly grey

My life has been more or less black n white for the last couple of weeks. I yearn for color. The problem is: color doesn't do any good if you have to concentrate rather on structures than on "oh, pretty blue highlight here and there". I've thought those million rocks would kill my patience but to be honest the character themselves do. I can't stand to look at them a single second though I have to in order to finish the painting. Rahhh.... This job pushes me far over my general border. I don't want to paint something that detailed again for a lot of weeks.
I wouldn't go this far if I didn't knew who else is in the project and if my graphics don't look good they will look very stupid next to his. It's like "omg... I so gonna fail".
The customer is more than patient. I have no idea how often I called and said " I need more time.. the rocks". And he said: "Still rocks?"... and I thought "this whole thing makes me scream and cry inside and want to kick something big and huge and not made of... rocks".
Jobs can suck a lot but I guess -still close to getting 28- you can grow on those.

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