Books -review II

author: Wolf Wrisch
publisher: Knaur
language: german

The book got excellent reviews and that´s why I bought the book. I thought: k.... seems like you can learn a bit more about techniques.
This is my very personal opinion: Don´t buy it. Ever. I was so dissapointed. I didn´t wanna have lotsa pictures with techniques you never gonna use while doing illustrations. It´s more a compilation of different techniques for combining metal, acrylics, oils, pastels... whatever. I had no clue what the book should be called: Combine everything you find in your supplier´s shop or "Learn everything about material... except acrylics". The book is perfect for people who want to experiment with different materials... really. Artistic allrounders might be happy with the book. Artists who wanna learn how to actually paint: No way.
I have no idea what to do with the book... throwing away would be a shame. Hello ebay?

author: Lexi Sundell
publisher: F & W Pubn Inc
language: English

That book might be perfect for people who wanna learn how to paint photorealistic flowers. Sometimes I thought: "Well, she has to use photos.. can´t be!" If she doesn´t... total respect, most illustrations are truely beautiful and Lexi Sundell knows how to explain her steps well. I think it´s a good book to learn basic things about shading and why you might use color xy instead of the one you wanted to use.
The illustrations show how to work in a very neat and controlled manner of painting. I would even say: The book is good for beginners. Maybe the wrong theme since flowers aren´t that easy to do (except.. if you have a nice photo and want to adapt that), but basically totally okay.

What I liked most about that book and the previous books was the list of material and colors you need per illustration. Most beginners struggle to find the fitting shades and buy everything (like me.. except I strongly try to convince myself that I really need those ^^; ). If you wanna try out acrylics and follow Lexi Sundell step by step you get an overview, the color shades you need and which brushes. That´s good.
but again... the basic things like bristle vrs. other brushes was too short for my taste. Maybe I am really looking for a book made for total idiots but I think basics are too important to give only a short introduction.
Regarding palettes: Three out of four authors favour the "wet-towel" palette. Why??? I mean, if I use colors, I put only a small amount on my palette, start mixing the final shade and put on new color if I need the shade again. The colors will dry on the canvas anyway, so what´s the point of putting a huge amount of acrylics on a wet paper/fabric if you could leave them in their tubes/jars. o_o??? You can´t even mix on that palette but have to put it onto your final palette anyway. Sense? Am I the only one thinking that´s everything but economic.

Mah reviews:
Buy Lexi Sundell if you like to learn "the neat way"... I stay with my messy technique. :)


Zeitwolf said...

Maybe you should write a book yourself :)

I, too, think that basics are very important. On the other hand, intuition is another important thing. I didn't find a fitting book for me to teach me, now...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am so glad to see you have a blog! It's a good idea to review books like this, thank you!