Finally my shirt gave up. Scrubbing along the table edge all day long seems to be a bad idea for thinner fabric. Totally destroyed my shirt *and I really liked it*. Bye shirt, you and me... we had a lot of fun, stains, coffee and tears while working late at night.

my actual palette.. ok, I have no idea why I thought I might need tons of red but... well, you can´t know. I have been working on a promo-illu for two days. Together with a lot of "normal" work I feel like I´m gonna fall asleep as soon as I hit my bed.
Got home today around 19.00, ate, went straight to bed and slept till 22.00... I was so effin tired. Now it´s 23:59, I am still working on something that needs to be finished within the next 24 hours and I know my night will be short again. I love working at night but I get the feeling that I could do that a lot better 4 years ago... or even... 6. ^^;

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