Kiki´s Huggle Service

Last week-end Ty and me visited my family. Of course most of the time Ty or me or we both pampered Kiki, my cat. She lives at my parents since I moved to Berlin 7 years ago. I didn´t want her to live in an flat while she has a home including huge garden @ my parents.
So every time i´m there she gets pampered and cuddled (and secretly fed) alot. I think we both have a big Kiki-obsession. Kiki´s often called "Tretel" ("Treadle") since she´s milk-treading a lot even after nearly 17 years.

Kiki is in both "Kulla" books... mah famous little snorring cat who always claims the center of the bed.
Look at the tip of her ears. Weee

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Zeitwolf said...

she has cute little lynx-ears :)

had to think of you today, Anne, because I build a bunny snow man (a rather ugly one, no Kulla-mate raelly)