cold canvas

Today is odd.... sunshine, rain, sunshine.... rain....

bunny dishes... cute, aren´t they? Funny Nata gave me those as a belated birthday present. Two years ago I gave the same bowl to Maike as a birthday present... what a coincidence XD The table is my old painting table... 6 years of color stains. I hope i can keep the table when I move. I like it... Kulla book one was made on it.

anyway.... I just realized I forgot to mention something regarding acrylics and canvas...
When do you know that the colors are dry? When the canvas doesn´t feel cold anymore. When the colors dry the surface gets colder than usual.
The temperature drops and gets back to normal when the colors are relatively dry again. Up from that point you can add more layers without ripping the recent color layer off (yeah, that might happen... or you get blotches... especially when working with a sponge).
Of course you can use a blow-dryer to shorten the time. ^^

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dani said...

the bunny bowl and mug are adorable!! thank you for the useful tip too!