Kyaaa! Bunny Bag!

I am so pathetic but isn´t it cute O_____O (and yes, the plush is ON the tote).
It´s too small to get anything but a purse (which has the same look :D ) and a book in but well, I can deal with that... eventually. If I ever gonna use it.
C&A, 9 Euro... didn´t hurt that much. Worth the fun looking at it.

I have my scan deadline on friday. Besscom was so nice to squeeze me in and I have to get at least ten canvases done. TEN O_o oh my...

4 finished (one not usable for the book since I messed up the colors... dang!), 1 unfinshed and five more to do. Ok, the deadline is friday, I can do it. I really can. Rully! ;_;


Julini said...

Whoooaa totally cute. *_*
I hope so much my C&A (still) sells it.

Asuka Seitou said...

Do own the same one xD