db evolution

i watched the movie today (pre pre pre screening... don´t ask) and it was just sooo BADDDDD. I can´t even put it into a coherent sentence. I just want my 87 minutes back.
If you know the comics (and the tv series) you´ll run our screaming or sit in your seat frozen and shocked. The whole thing wasn´t even funny. ;_;
The actors are bad, the non-existing story is bad, no logic just a lot of special effects which can´t even create a "wow" because even those are bad. Rahhh! why did they do it?
I even wished fo the bloody panty to emerge because that might have saved the whole movie but no panty at all. (you know which panty I mean, but since no Oolong in sight ... no panty)



kapuschati said...

Blöde Filme sind halt blöd... :(

eve said...

Ich hatte schon Angst, dass er so lala wird, aber jetzt will ich ihn unbedingt gucken XD

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I wanted to see that =( Why do people do things like this? >_< Well, my friend says he'll see it anyway just to see how much it sucks, so I guess I might tag along xD

Anonymous said...

You know, i had a bad hunch when I saw the poster... lucky that I didn't have time to watch it~~