I wanna be a manga!

this is ridiculous...
Babara Salesch is a Tv-show with a fake court and fake prosecutors.. fake cases and very bad actors. It´s just a pseudo-documentary show and believe it or not: It seems to work.
The script-writers don´t even care about proper research and well... Sat 1, the TV station, hosts the "Who is Who" section for Barabara Salesch under "comedy show" online. I think that might say all. >_>

anyway, Lew linked me the most awesome case about a cosplay girl who was (or might have been or never was... ) harrassed by a photographer. Ok, I admit, that *might* happen now and than and it´s a bad side-effect but why on earth did THIS happen:

Part one- I wanna be a Manga
"I always dreamed about being a manga..."
Oh well, not anybody wants to be a book... I think I have never seen a cosplayer cosplaying a manga. A sack rice... yes, but never a manga. Maybe that´s cosplaying 1.5

Part two-moshi moshi
"How would that be called in manga?"
Yes, we totally ignored the fact that "manga" is a language. And moshi moshi means nothing else than "hello"... even if you don´t telephone.

Part three- the colorful ink
"The colourful ink just flowed out of my heart."
and the best: "She just wants to chop up the cosmic band between us."
Yeah... we all have a cosmic band. Normally it´s black and attached to a black collar on one cosplayers neck and the leash in the hand of her/his best buddy.

oh my. welcome to the freak show.... I´m really sorry for all cosplayers. After reading an article that most cosplayers come out of shattered families the TV show finally makes total sense. Let´s take the cosmic band and strangle all bad scrip-writeres with it.


Zeitwolf said...

you forgot to mention that manga page. they called it "well done" :D

(barbara salesch is a real judge btw)

Anna said...

I didn't know my family was shattered. That's just....lol.