the disappearance of tissues

my normal computer crashed two weeks ago and now it´s *finally for the first* time at a maintance and repair service. And of course those guys won´t call back or tell me a final "you will get your baby back"-day. This sucks so much...
I still have my netbook *thanks god* and it´s okay to work in but I guess trying to work with photoshop on a netbook won´t be such a good idea. :(
But it´s cute, ne?

Anyway, I called in sick today and I really wish I can be back in the office tomorrow. After being @ home for 11 days I feel like I have cabin fever. I want to work, I want my normal working-mode back. Think I´m not made for staying home :/

In the mean-time and while humming nervoursly over 5 illustrations I realized that my last portfolio update was in 2005. :( And since I got an agency-request (weeee!!!) I guess I have to do a new one. Which is annoying. In four years I made so many things I don´t really know where to start.
Put everything in? -> The "I impress you by mere mass" way
Selection? -> The "I have sooo many more but I won´t show" way

I even start failing at the cover and headline. o_o
Showcase? Portfolio (now, this is lame... of COURSE it´s a portfolio), Works of.. (lame as well), ... I think I have to call Sarah and tell her that she won´t get the new portfolio before Christmas. >_<

So... when you have a flue the tissues disappear just like socks in the washing-machine. I can´t have used a whole package o_o ... have I?

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