The Stretcher Frame

So... some people asked me if they really have to use the wedges attached to a canvas. The answer is simple: Yes, you have to, if you don´t want to have a tottering canvas when you work on it.

Two examples... left is linen (my favourite) with very strong and small wedges. Rhe right one is cotton canvas (which I use because I´ll run soon out of linen and can´t buy new before tomorrow..). The cotton wegdes are cheaper than the linen ones and tend to twist and break. One reason why I hate to use them. :(

So, how u use it (example on linen canvas)

1. Step Put the wedge with the angled side slightly into the pre-cut space left for the wedge. There are two spaces for two wedges, you have to start *of course* with the lower one.

2. Step take the hammer and try to hit it evenly. If you have "scratches" on the front showing up after hammering don´t worry. Those will vanish when you start to work on it. Just... try to hit the wedge straight - or else it might break or you might hit yourself.

3. Step put in the upper wedge (again the angles side "sliding" on the frame).. take the hammer and drive it into the frame.

4. Step admire the wedges :) you can see that the frame slightly departed. Don´t worry, this is absolutely ok. You frame won´t fall apart. This happens while strecthing and will stay like that. The wedges will keep everything in place.

When if the canvas perfectly strechted? If you are done with all wedges and tap lightly on the canvas with your fingers it should sound like a drum. I love the vibrating sound, it shows you that the canvas is ready.

If you want to buy canvas with plastic wedges attached: Don´t buy those. The worst quality available. I bought those once at the very beginning. You can´t really use the wedges and the canvas will start sagging sooner or later >_>

So, back to work, I have five canvases waiting to get primed. Dang @_@ The flue got me, I guess it´s normal in spring to run around sniffing and coughing.


Zeitwolf said...

i thought I will do this after I have painted ?_?

trenchmaker said...

nee... die Leinwände isnd zwar gespannt, aber noch nicht zu 100% (ausgehend davon, dass die gelagerte Leinwand arbeitet). Ich hab gelernt, die Keile vorher einzusetzen. Wenn du es danach machst, verziehst du eventuell das Bild und das will ja sicherlich keiner oo

Aneesah said...

Ah! So that's what those wooden things are... ^^ I bought two stretched canvases a long time ago, to paint on for my mother, and since I've never ever painted on/bought canvas before, I had no idea what the wedges were. =P I think I kept them in the little baggie, stashed somewhere...