welcome to the club

I´ve managed to read mostly every book I have (which is surprising, I didn´t read that many within the last months also I bought some here and there). Weee! Now, if that´s not cool. The only problem is: Nothing left. I read some of the "old books again and mostly those are the books I really stick to.
But while working a lot I like to have "light lecture". You know Rosamunde Pilcher? Of course it´s mushy and predictable but that is the only reason why women buy it. A friend´s grandma once said: "I love those Pilcher movies, it doesn´t matter if you miss the last 40 minutes asleep, you know the end anyway."

I won´t read Rosamunde now (I read one and I felt too young for it o_o) but I read Nora Roberts. Nata and I guessed that she´s having a pimped 8ball for her plots or some pimped "which relation do they have this time"-dices. The difference between some books are *eventually* the location and the number of "goodlooking, adorable single brothers" and if you have an "evil person who shows up to make problems" or twoo shy people quarreling 120 pages before jumping into bed.

Of course every books ends with a "Will you marry me?" (and I still wonder if I missed some years inbetween the pages... thats real speed-dating). Did I spoil you? Oh what a shame... XD

Anyway, the funny thing about the books is that you have some stereotypes which can be found in nearly every book.
the main actor: goodlooking, has a little problem with himself but is allover very happy with his life
the main actress: very feminin, very independent, had some bad experiences with men in the past but got over it and decided that she won´t fall for another good looking... well, you get the rest
brothers: most of the times two, goodlooking as well (one outgoing, one shy, careful and secretly in love with a neighbour for AGES)
the old lady: likes to gossip, but very motherly. can be a neighbour or somebody from the staff

there are some less important parts which show up now and than but after 20 books i believe the biggest fun is finding all stereotypes and guessing who will marry who when in which upcoming book. I am kinda impressed. Nora Roberts squeezes so many "different" (ok, not really but different enough to be seen as books) plots out of those simple combinations. I wonder why I never thought about writing novels for middle-aged women. O_o

The main question: Why do I read it? Simply because I won´t be able to get into an Irving novel after 12 hours work. Or... Wilde. You have to read those books on a Saturday without any other plans. For the rest of the week I stick to my beloved junkfood and complain about a lack of plot. But oh my, I enjoy them too much to stop. It´s a bit like a literal car accident: You can´t stop reading even if you think it´s disgusting. XD


Zeitwolf said...

We really have something in common here. When I come home after leaning, that the earth is definitly going to ruins and learning ways to prevent the earth from doing so at the same time, I just CAN'T read Wilde (though I like his characters a lot!) or watch Phoenix. I didn't come down to reading Pilcher, now, but I watch one of these stupefying telenovela series. It is technically well done, most of the actors are good, the plot is predictable and so you can simply leave out half a season and coming back get the plot in one episode. Ah, that's so relaxing.
But it also gives me the feeling, sometimes, that I miss the good stuff. Don't you?

Zeitwolf said...

Btw, I finally got to watch the "why is that straw lying here"-...thing. How could I have missed this before? (and I still think, I can do it better - I mean, worse - but that's not a good thing really...)

trenchmaker said...

um... I woudn´t say that I miss the good stuff, I´m just looking forward to get a good book after a certain period of time. Those aren´t the best lecture -of course- but better reading those than nothing at all.