This is just so wrong...

When you have a fullt-ime job painting is a bit complicated. Mostly because I´m really tired when I come home from work but also because you have to puzzle around with things like "doing the dishes", "crap, I need to wash my cloths", "oh my... we wanted to go to the cinema", "birthday?! Which birthday?!!!" and just the normal stuff most people manage in their freetime. The only problem is: What do you do when the "freetime" is down to 4 hours. Which you might better invest in getting your illustrations done.

So I took some days off. Which might be cool. But now I have a constant headache due to bending just centimeters over the canvas. When I bought my drawing I thought: "Oh so cool, you can change the angle. Never again pain in my neck! Weee!!!"

The only problem: it doesn´t work if you have like 30 tubes, a water-glass and dozens of brushes lying around. Try that in a 45° angle (without gluing everything to the table). So i have like 4 unfinished canvases, a heavy "burn forest burn"-color problem and headache.

I thought a lot about the copyright problem too...
On the one hand: Obviously I can´t make the watermarks bigger and uglier because normal people won´t accept and understand it and honestly I don´t do pretty illustrations just to destroy the whole image thoroughly with a watermark.
On the other hand: There will always be people stealing. Ever. If you don´t do things non-compatible with a so called "mainstream" taste, people will steal. Sure...

Dang, why do my neighbours have to start making out next to my window just now... and crap, that woman stresses me out. If they are not trying to procreate, they are fighting.. arrggg!

Back to topic *using earplugs...* so if .... rah, I don´t want porno dolby while working on children´s book illustrations! I can´t concentrate.... the two might be happy but you don´t have to entertain the whole STREET. >_>;

So, anyway, I hate legal stuff, it is annoying that I have to spend hours on the phone, hours at the lawyer just to make sure somebody who spend five minutes with stealing will stop.
And it doesn´t make the whole situation any better when I get mail like that:
"Hi, I would like to have XY as a poster. Can I order it? Or.. if you don´t have time, could you send me the high resolution file so that I can print it on my own?"... what? O_O ... sure I send you my highresolution files. You want the pin for my bank account as well?

*looking deep into my bunny mug and wish that all those things will vanish and evaporate*

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wolkilula said...

hang in there! *a little cat hanging on a washing line draw* ^^'

look at the cloudy sky ... tomorrow there will be a sunny day, for sure ~

oh and dosen't think so often at the "dark side" of live. yes, it's unfair. but ... so many people buy your art!
oh i will buy one of the sweet magnets (deviantart) x)

it's so cool! people overall can buy your stuff and they will do this!

yaaaaay x)