Alive... a bit... at least

At the moment I work on 61x46 cm Lanaquarelle... it's big, it takes ages and you can't make any mistakes.
I work on illustrations for book, on Chubbanimals, on logos for some companies and on a game.
Last one is pretty awesome and I hope we (in this case Eduardo, Isabelle and me) finish on time.
I would love to post pictures but right now there are no...

One thing that happened yesterday: Tretel is not a man anymore. We took him to the vet. He bullied his sister now and than, so there was no other option. I didn't really want to have 1-eyed-baby-cats O_o


Alkyoni said...

An ouch for Tretel

Clockwork said...

Looking forward for pics of the game project ;)
Aw..poor one :/