AnimagiC 2010

Pics withouth any order. Since I am not into flying I had to take the train. Trains in Germany can be kinda crappy since it might happen that you end up in a train without air-conditioner.
I woke up at 6.30 and arrived in Bonn around 14.00... which is okay. 2 hours left till first signing-hour and the whole opening ceremony.
Since the guests of honour had to wait behind the stage we didn't see anything of the show. Well, I don't complain.
The evening ended for me at 1 o'clock in the morning. I think -if I ever get invited again- that I'll go straight to bed after dinner. You spend your days in a half-awake state which isn't that cool but kinda normal for a convention. o_o
The dustbun-cosplayers were so effin cool. I hope they didn't sweat as much as I believe.
one of the inside-areas where the TOKYOPOP-stall was located.
... the Tokyopop-Ankama stall. Those plushies are so nice. Bought one artbook and way too many small things for friends. o_o
Outside of the building. Over 12 000 people were there but since the area is huge you won't ever see all at once.
Cosplayers... and more cosplayers... and oh, two Sailor Moons.
I have no idea what that is meant to be but it looked awefully funny. Anybody knows what the cosplay is from?
The actual TOKYOPOP-stall. :D
Cosplayers again....
One of the most awesomenest cosplay-couples I found....
and "Wölfchen and Rotkäppchen" from "Grimm's Manga". So cute XD

I made some more pics with other artists and friends but those were too odd or just private. Allover it was hot but funny as always. I managed to get some Shikishis for myself -hurray- and have to think of what to do with those :)


Adelaida said...

Those plushies are indeed cute :)

I think the character is from 'Spirited away' - there were duck gods like that there. http://static1.animepaper.net/upload/thumbs/wallpapers/Spirited-Away/%5Blarge%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dwallpapers_Spirited-Away_GeneDNC%281.33%29__THISRES__97393.jpg

Nadine said...

Dieses Entenvieh ist Elizabeth aus Gintama. :)

Was es genau sein soll habe ich bis heute nicht herausgefunden. xD

Anke said...

Argh there are Kulla shirts? I am such a huge fan, do they come in children- size, too? I NEEEEEED to get that. wow, My whole family is SO in love with her. My big boy (5) asked me today at the breakfast table if Kulla is still wirting to the moonbunny and he wonders if he should do it too because Kulla can't do it so often anymore. <3
Love, Anke

chanelbagmall said...

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