and it gets bigger

 I totally forgot to write something about the light table i bought some months ago. >_<
A few months ago I had the wonderful situation of getting payed for a game coloration job. And since I needed a new light table (Ikea table didn't work that good if you need to clean up a lot of sketches...) I bought one.

My light table is from the "Dörr Professional Line", measures around 30 x 46 centimeters and is awesome.
It's one of those flat versions and I like the whole thing a lot.
If you need to work with bigger paper sizes a light table with 46 cm length is quite nice, not to mention that it doesn't weigh tons.

Price: around 200 bucks (yeah, a lot)
I got mine from ebay which didn't hurt that much.

What I like as well is that the cable is quite long. If you happen to have a lack of outlets this is very practical (I happen to have a very big lack of outlets).

 Best friend for lightboxes and two sheets of paper: Uhu Glue Roller (non permanent!). I roll some centimeters on the copy paper and stick it to the final sheet... copy... and rub it off.

Works good although i should mention that you shouldn't keep it too long on a sheet or else it gets yucky when you rub it off and smears.

Price: around 4.50 Euro (I bought mine 6 months ago and it's still not empty so the price is *okay*)
And because Lew was so nice and offered help for flattig comics (yes, .. comics!) Ty and me spend the last evening to set up her working space next to mine.

I hope it works... I decided that I rather ask for help than banging my arm again (or worse) and if it works that way and I can finish some things faster.... I have no problem with it. :)


Lorena Isabel said...

I had never seen a tablet like this. Do it works like an animation desk? or is it connected to the computer in order to get a digital inked copy of the sketch? o.O

Lorena Isabel said...

^^ I see that cats is always around you. =)

trenchmaker said...

@Lorena nah, it works like an animation desk. You can clamp you paper on both horizontal lines and trace, refine, copy sketches or ink. (or sketch animations)

Anonymous said...

That's such a nice light table. All I ever had is an improvised one (a glass on two boxes of shoes with a light under), sadly is not easy to find light tables like that here. ):
And your cats must love you, they are always around you. : D