Hurray masking tape- to hell with mounting tape

If you ever consider doing watercolour illustrations everybody keeps telling you: "Use gummed mounting tape. It's the best, it's awesome..."

Awesome nightmares: yes
Awesome results: um... not really

This is my very personal opinion with many nightmarish experiences. Atm I am still sad about an illustration I have to redo (third time) because the mounting tape literally exploded. The paper worked a lot and the tape wasn't able to keep a constant grip.

I fixed the illustration as best as possible with Tesa but of course the friction is not the same.
There comes a wave... and another... and another. ARG!

When I studied we used Tesa masking tape. I remembered but couldn't remember why and when. With a test (above... no fancy artistical brilliance) the memory came back.
All smooth like a baby booty. And no waves. and all awesome. And me so happy.

How to:
-Wet the paper some minutes (I do it WITH sketch) as usual
- Let it drain a bit
- put it on your board
- I use some kitchen tissues and dry it a bit more, no need for a lake
- happily apply the masking tape
- (blow-dry... I admit, I'm impatient and want to use the paper 2 minutes later)

Some people might say: Oh my, Anne.. that's no news. Well, no... wasn't even for me but I hope it will keep some people from buying gummed mounting tape.

@Lew Throw yours away o.o .. I'm sorry I gave you the brown tape >_<


Zeitwolf said...

Anne, I made photos of my first mounts with the brown tape I did some days ago. Lol. It's awwwFULL.
thanks for THAT act of friendship, really XD

no, srsly I'm glad I at least tried it. But it's not exactly brilliant ;-)

Annmey said...

Danke für den Tipp!
Mit Aquarell zu malen ist für mich immer noch Neuland~
Auch wenn's echt schöne Effekte gibt! =)