Little Helpers

what do you do when you need to paint a pattern with water colour and you have two basic colors already underneath?

Correct... you use masking fluid (I use Schmincke although some papers don't like it... Torchon eg ... very bad idea to use Schmincke fluid).

You can make an educated guess what the test-pattern shows ;)

What do you do when you have to mask 61 centimeters with a size 0 brush?

Right.... you start swearing and try to find somebody giving your neck a massage afterwards (volunteers? :( ... )
I like the work thoug... when everything's done you can see how many hours are in one illustration. Hopefully.


deeterhi said...

I should buy masking fluid, but I don't because I forget about it and I'm stubborn and like to do things the hard way. This post reminded me that perhaps it is time for me to change and experiment a bit more ^^

Thank you.

Frau Kirschvogel said...

anytime I use the masking fluid and try to rubb it off I deliberately destroy the paper. Any suggestions to help me out? I'd be more than grateful?


trenchmaker said...

@Frau Kirschvogel
1. reason
surface of the paper is too rough or you have such a fuzzy cotton surface
2. reason
paper was not 100%ly dry when you applied the fluid
3. reason
paper was not 100%ly dry after you used fluid & colored everything and the paper was still slightly damp
4. you rubbed too hard
5. fluid is crappy
6. paper was unsized
was benutztn du an Papier und Maskierflüssigkeit?
Wie gesagt, mein Torchon mag Schmincke nicht.

Frau Kirschvogel said...

Das Ganze ist schon eine Weile he. Ich hatte mal so eine Miniflasche von der Schmincke Maskierflüssigkeit gekauft und dann auf dem Papier rumprobiert, was ich so da hatte. Unter anderem Aquarellpapier (offensichtlich ugeeignet...), Illustrationspapier (hot pressed), etc.