How's life? - Oh, nice!

 obviously we start with random Hantje and Tretel pics...
what can I say... both are fine, Tretel grows into a catzilla and Hantje is a little princee-nator.
Normally I am not a fan of piggy pink but her nose is just so "awww" and "owww" and going all the ugly babytalk down like an idiot XD.

I have to admit that I'm fighting with getting back into normal mode after sickness- even more with a sinusitis feeling like a jelly-head. Hopefully I'll be able to finish a little in-game animation and backgrounds for two games this evening... doh!
Many things to write about but it feels odd to talk about things I can't show, companies I can't name and project I rejected. (after 5 years it's nice though to say "no thanks!" instead of getting rejected... hohohoh!... I'm sorry, the mint-oil burned my braincells away... )


Zeitwolf said...

I know exactly what you need, Anne: a four week vaca in sweden or somewhere. I'd gladly catsit your little fluffballs.

Rebekah said...

I love your solution to the kitties sleeping in front of your computer. :) Or perhaps it's not so much a solution as a surrender.