If you shop half awake....

... you normally fail. I bought paper for my recent project and was half-aslepp I guess. Otherwise I can't explain why I bought rough Lanaquarelle paper whereas I wanted to buy Grain Satine. ARGGG!
Anyways, I guess I'll go shopping tomorrow again- spending even more money on ridiculous expensive paper BUT at least I know why I like Grain Satine more.
Lemme show :)
big image is big o_O
This is rough Lanaquarelle.... I think for normal watercolour illustrations it's totally fine. What I personally dislike about the paper is that pigments keep getting stuck in the surface texture.

For some people this might be "uhh.... artsy", for me it's "uh... crap!"
When I need to do details (a lot) it's like war on the paper. And if you work on 61 centimeters it's WWIII. Arf!
What you see is a mix of Gouache and Lukas watercolour.

In reality the colors look a bit dull. I'll keep telling myself it's the paper.
And now... Grand Satine. Gosh.. I love it.
To say it with a Despicable Me quote: "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" ;)
After the base dried you're able to add a lot of details.
Just let me say that you have to be very patient and let it dry 100%ly or else you might get nasty blotches.

But I love the surface and how fine you can work on it.when dry it looks wonderful.

I just have to find out how to get the clouds done but I guess I'll find out soon enough while working. You can't really copy the techniques you use while working with acrylics.
But hurray for white gouache.

While I write the two test sheets are finally dry and I can't stop stressing out that the rough paper looks totally odd. Very very very odd.

Arf again for failing in shopping.


Alkyoni said...

I liked the work with the water colour.
Not to worry. It's "uh...crap!" to pretty much everyone.
Okay, me.
So, what watercolours do you use?

trenchmaker said...

I have no idea, I just see a colour I like and buy those. I think most are from LUKAS & Schmincke, some even from Daler Rowney (like... 10 years old).
The gouache is from Schmincke.