the day I got very unhappy

Irene said today something that does make a lot of sense: "Seems you got a defect one." Yeah o_o.... my Cintiq. Is gone.

I struggled two days. Really. But the problems kept piling up. For some people like Lew it might be minor, for me it was a horror. Minor horror but enough to drive me crazy.

The offset effect: happens when the arrow on the image wobbles something like 0.5 mm to 2 mm behind your actual stroke. In my case it rather felt like 2 mm and it sucked so much. I wasn't even sure if my curves were correct because I had to wait to see the result. Arg.... argggggg!!!! Arg!
If I want to paint slower I install everything on my old pc. Slow computer is slow. Expensive Cintiq is slow as well. Argggggg!

The other problem was the zoom. It looked like everything over and under 100% looked a bit blurred. Minor problem but since I have to make sure I see exactly what I paint it was a bit odd. And I normally zoom in and out a lot because I regulary paint at least double the size needed and sharpen in final size to tickle out some more details. I guess it's a syn problem of Photoshop and Cintiq but hell, the thing is meant to be made for Photoshop.
Uncool. and again: I'm so used to my beloved eizo screen who's not making funny blur-whatever-where's-mah-line-problems.

The other problems are things I created on my own and obviously because I wasn't used to it (like tendo, neck cramps and "the color gradients do not look like on my Eizo.. of course not, the Eizo grabs 92% of Adobe colours... unbreakable record so far). The upper two major problems where enough to send it back already. I have to admit the Cintiq IS really nice. But I'm not able to work as fast as I want. And the Intuos is my little darling making the fast work happen a lot.
And I'm in the middle of two bigger and some smaller jobs and I can't afford the whole "Argggg, slow arrow keeps being slow!".

We tested everything, I calibrated like an idiot again and again, the adapter worked fine so I think I got a major problem with a real lemon. Again: ARFFF!

*cuddling my trustworthy Intuos 3*
and now you can make some headdesks, call me an idiot and laugh about technical fails.


shahi belle said...

mm~ i think u should download the new driver from there site and register it,, they say the new driver fixed some problem with the softwear
if you don't know the site tell me i'll send it ,, u'll have to use the serial number on the box that it came in,and some cd key from the papers that came with it ^^

Elyan said...

Hmm sehr schade.
Vielleicht wäre es wirklich mit dem neuen Treiber behoben ... aber deine probleme sind ja vielseitig was das angeht.

der andere punkt ist ja auch das das arbeiten körperlich nicht ganz ohne spuren abgeht.wobei du dich eventuell daran gewöhnt hättest.

so schade das auch ist ich kanns nachvollziehen... und Intuos ist ja auch nicht zu verschmaen.

Bille said...

v.v Achje. Dabei hast du dich so gefreut... *umärmel*

Aber immerhin - du hast nen großartigen Bildschirm und dein "altes" Intuos und du bist in der Lage, großartige Dinge damit zu erschaffen. :)

*quits now the poor effort to cheer you up*


Anonymous said...

Actually, they are known for problems. A friend of mine just returned his and bought a tablet.

Sorry to let you down.

Oh- and not related to this post but an earlier one- do you think the Arts Buck Manikins are worth the bucks now that you have had plenty time to use them? jmaac.blogspot.com

Anna said...

That's too bad. My husband has been pretty desperate for a Cintiq and has been waiting to buy one (he's now used to using his intuos though).
I don't think I would've got one for myself, but after reading about the slow performance, I don't think we'd ever get it. That's enough to drive both of us crazy since we work with files that are about 500mb big each.
Great post. Thank you so much for sharing.