Waiting for a Cintiq

... is the time, when minutes turn into hours again. Like in school, when you wanted to get out and play instead of listening to your teacher.

I'm currently stalking the street and DHL-tracking for my Cintiq 21UX.
Oh yesss..... the decision to spend 2k for 1 Cintiq was pretty hard. But it was even harder to actually get one. Gossip spread that shop XY actually had 4 (of course for the highest price... *rolls eyes* ). The other shops had nada, zero, null, non, whatever you call it.
I'm still stalking the street. And pray it arrives soon.
And I hope it makes a bit of my current work faster. Not easier, faster would be enough. Colorating comic pages with my Intuos is totally okay but after a while my arm gets sore.
And because it's so annoying and so excited- Happy 1 year comic making to meheeee.

I should add that I stopped because I thought I was too stupid to do those. And bad. And that my ideas weren't made for comics. And it's partially true. I still find it really hard to squeeze everything in a limited amount of panels. I can't stretch everything into epic 30 pages. I have only 1. And that one can become so small when you have big ideas.
But i guess everybody fights with those problems. ;)

1 comment:

Hanny Honeymoon said...

du glückliche!
so ein teil bräuchte ich auch mal... aber da ich zu 85 % meinen pinsel schwinge statt das tablett bin ich einfach zu geizig mir das teure teil zu holen T___________T
aber es ist so sooo SOOO toll!
du hast meinen neid und ich wünsch dir viel glück das die dussligen dhl zombies bald auftauchen :3