Nerd-Entry ... for nerds

Cintiq 21UX... I has it! I know it's like men with cars or girl with shoes... showing off. But yesh, I finally got it (DHL-Shipping was a horror trip). It's very nerdy to post pics but like Lew said: mutual orgasm to look at it.
And sheesh, that thing is HUGE. The white paper is A4. I hope I'll see my screen when that thing is in front.
Eeep... The Intuos has to move. I guess at least Lew will be happy (maybe) about getting that one for work.
I just hope I won't melt off in summer again. o_o

Before I forget: I saved up for it, I worked for it and I know I spend every bloody Cent I paid with sweating over illustrations. So yeah... no whining or weirdo mails why I can afford it, plz.
The world needs more greatly payed jobs. We all know that.


SaraLynn said...

Oh, congratulations on your new cintiq! It looks lovely. I hope you are able to make many beautiful illustrations with it. <3

trenchmaker said...

Thanks Sara!
I hope I can write a detailled review when it finally works (still need an adapter for it since I already use 2 screens and three is a bit too much for two slots).

shahi belle said...

kyaaaaaaaaaaaa u got one too XD
congratulations dear ♥
when i said "too" coz i got one few month ago, it's amazing ^^
can't wait to see what u'll make with it ^^♥

Katie Adams said...

Congrats! That thing is huge! Have fun with it. :)

trenchmaker said...

@Shahi do you have a protector cover-sheet on it? I consider getting one but I'm unsure if the pressure works smoothly with it.

Sab said...

congratulations ! You are lucky ! ^_^

Frau Kirschvogel said...

Awesome. I love your workspace anyways and this thing fits in just right!

shahi belle said...

well at the office they have the older ones, and it really needed this cover on the screen, now they all r scratched T^T poor screens,, but this new one like we have really doesn't need one, as long as your hand working softly on it it's fine, i think they improve it coz a lot of people were complaining about this they even changed the pen tip OwO♥
so i guess it'll be fine without it ^^
i treat it will and cover it before i sleep ,and don't let the cats near it ^_^

Hanna said...

jealous! hope you love it, it looks awesome :)

shahi belle said...

oh if you want to ask anything about feel free to do that here on my DA page : http://witchpowerlove.deviantart.com