What will we do 2011?

I actually started it with being sick and spend my New Year's Eve on the couch watching kitschy movies with Ty.
I hope the next weeks will be happy ones since I expect payout from three jobs I did last year and gosh, I'm so craving for the Cintiq Q_Q
I realized that it might be a chance to get one comic page done in two evening-sessions. At the moment I'm bloody slow and it makes everything a lot more complicated and exhausting than I thought.

My Christmas was a mixture of super-sad crying and happy being together. I happened to pick up my mum up at the nursing home (who works there) and saw my grandma (who lives there). It was so sad.
"Switch the lights on. Why is it so dark?"
"But granny, the lights ARE on. All of them."
My mum told me afterwards that my grandma lost her eye-sight. I know it happens every minute around the globe but it hurts alot when you have somebody close slowly fading away and you can't do anything about it.I'm not good handling those situations since I turn into a neverending emotional waterfall. I guess that's one of the many reasons why I skipped the "family-tradition" of becoming nurse number23452 in the family tree. Arf.

More happy news: Jan/Feb will be awesome, since the board game I worked on will be out. (German, French, Italian language... :D )
The rest.. oh well... next entry with pics again. I'm already late on so many things but at the moment the couch seems the best choice. With a huge pile of books and tea. Yay. o_o

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