Wacom Intuos Grip Pen- Review

 I think a lot of people know that you have a lot of pen variations for the Intuos (3 & 4) that slighty vary. I have the normal pen (above) and the even slimmer classic pen. The problem with those are not really a problem but can turn into one if you have a tendency to get tendo. As some people know I got the Cintiq (and send it back). BUT pretty interesting was the rubber grip I found in the package. And really... that was the best of the whole freakin package.
 The Intuos Grip is meant for Intuos 4 but really... who cares. So I ordered 1 package (2 grips for 17 euro.. totally okay!) and puzzled the grip onto my pen. And of course it works. And damn, it's really nice.
I have to warn everybody that you won't be able to access the keys on your pen anymore. Simply impossible. But if you're okay with it the hand relaxes a lot more. Actually what I personally always wished for- and somebody seems to listen to my prayers. ;)
The grip can be purchaed via Amazon. If you're not from Germany you'll get the detailled information on the German site anyway :)
Wacom Intuos4 Grip Pen - Digitalstiftgriff (Packung mit 2 ), ACK-30002
As I said: 2 grips for 13- 18 euro (depending on the shop)
My rating: Awesome. One of the best inventions I got in my hands.

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Frau Kirschvogel said...

Looks good. I would really miss the keys, though. Got so used to them already.