Hantje & Tretel- month 9

Hantje's favourite toys are actually... bags. The swishier the better. I think she developed a very independent style in fashion.
Tretel got... bigger. and he has so pretty multicoloured eyes. Though he looks mean most of the times he's a dedicated cuddle-cat. I love his nose... looks like somebody wanted to turn him into a comic with that black outline :D
... you can see the difference. 9 months now, some more growing to wait for. I hope Tretel will stop soon or else he's squash Hantje when they play. Right now she doesn't have a chance once he got her. :/ Oh well... tiny kitty is tiny.


Zeitwolf said...

I'll bring balloons next time °______________________°

Frau Kirschvogel said...

Did I already mention that i HATE my allergy? I want kitties!