Copy Fail....

I am still searching for "the thing out of hell". If you feel like joining the "USO"-hunt (Unidentified Selling Object): the USO hunting

And what we learn while searching? We see other fails:
Copy Clone Fail

Copy Fail

Copy Fail



Anda said...

I called to a Zara store here in Romania and they said that everything that's our of season and is not sold goes back to Spain... maybe calling there and asking the big boss to give you one could solve it? Just act like a crazy fan of theirs who desperately wants that sweater no matter what, without mentioning you're the artist.. maybe they'll find one and ship it to you directly.

FURAUSHI said...

"zara"? is it a brand? ... - how stupxx what they doing... (o___o)

Alice said...

Hmmm, I haven't called Zara here in Greece but I am pretty sure I would have recognised it if I had seen it since your style is unique... did you try their website???

Jason said...
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