the "studio" ... or: the dark cave in the app with strange music

Ty and I (okay, just me but he had to help me) decided to redo the working room. The table height was incorrect which resultet in another tendo.
And since I always had the feeling that my screens will fall down we moved the "cg working station" to the wall. The actual table height is 77 cm, which is really high but it is more comfortable since I don't look like a hunchback when I draw. ^^;
The drawing board will be back on the front table but atm I don't need it so well... it looks kinda blank but at least not too chaotic (like it usually does).

Kulla mug! I like it although I still think the company should fix the color ... it looks a bit too yellowish (and not only because of the pink light).

Useless information about the whole setup. I'm a leftie so this is combination works best for me. Right screen is also useful to dump all Photoshop windows on since I tend to activate full screen for PS.


Adelaida said...

Your working place looks really really professional. It must be a pleasure to work in such place - no one interrupting and nothing distracting you :)

Elaine10 said...

i want a two screen destop too for sure now..D:
so pretty<3

Zaix said...

Schöner großer Schreibtisch :)
Und super praktisch, diese zwei Bildschirme *_*

love your kulla mug

Anda said...

aww you have a keyboard just like mine! :D

trenchmaker said...

@Anda it sucks so much but I can't throw it away ....