Happy Sunday - why we don't trust interviews

Whoa.... blogger fail. I still have to find out how to use the new options without screaming... First of all: I like interviews... sometimes. More or less I think it is odd if you have a problem with printed images you personally do absolutely NOT favour, old or not really showing what you can do. Mostly because who might show can't be displayed online -and if you try an armada of company XY lawyers will send you funny bills.
Anyways... Advanced Photoshop was interested in an interview and I thought... k... let's do it. Can't hurt.

Do I have to mention that most of the information are messed up ten minutes before printing? I was 25,24, made my books with water-colours (no, it's ACRYLICS!... Arg!) and hell what else. Since those interviews tend to be messed up I generally don't trust ANY information giving in any interview since you have no idea what was twisted and changed and I bet I can't be the only one getting a new vita every 3 months. So... I am in a Studio now which I rule with my buddy Maike. Cool, I didn't know myself....

We use a collective mail-address since some customers work together with both of us and if we get a job for ---peeepp- we agreed that forwarding can become pretty disturbing. The mail address lead to the assumption: "Hey, these girls have a Studio." I have no idea why people don't ask if it's correct but start writing without getting a check if it's true. o_o
So.. I like the idea of a Studio but again... I didn't want to read about it in a mag... and getting "Cogratulation!" mails from my folks... ew.

The other thing is... I really thought after Ikea and American "call your boss by his first name, we're cool" habit it was oldschool to write: "Pätzke says..." .. Doh! I don't dislike my name but it sounds odd and impersonal.

After being frustrated like hell because of those fails I might mention that I spend 400 bucks on cat's stuff which leads me to the memo that I should start working again to cover those 400-oh-my-gawd-but-the-banana-leaf-thing-will-last-forever-shopping trip. =.=


Frau Kirschvogel said...

Haha, kenn ich!

Ich find's aber eher amüsant, nachzulesen, was ich alles so angeblich gesagt haben soll.

Interessanterweise bringen ja auch "proofreading"-Aktionen sehr wenig, weil der - durch den Interviewten abgesegnete Text - noch im letzten Moment durch die - meist unwissende und uninteressierte - Redaktion abgeändert werden kann.

trenchmaker said...

@Miss K. Richtig! Aber schön, wenn es allen so geht. ;)

Am besten man schreibt gleich alles selbst und gibt es mit Schreibschutz ab.
Schlim ist auch, wenn Tippfehler nicht korrigiert werden... o_o

Sab said...

congratulations ! ^_^

Elaine10 said...

That is just ridiculous..!I don't get how making up a whole story for you like that benefits them..o.o