I shall squish you and you shall be mine!

As promised pics from the little babies. The second shows actually the two I get (out of three).
I want to squish those! I'm already "weee!"ing every time I look at the pics. 6 more weeks to go till they can start destroying the appartement >_<
and I still have no idea who's a tomcat and who's a girl.
Up from the pics I stick to grey-male, red-female but normally it's vici-versa.

What do you think? Male, female?


Sean Mallion said...

I think that they're soooo cute. I hope that they know better than destroy the home they live in.

I like them both. :D

Avlor said...

Oh my goodness! Super cute! (I don't dare show this to my kids or they'll want another one and we have enough...)

Zeitwolf said...

I think they are grey-female, red-tomcat

Zeitwolf said...

wikipedia ist da irgendwie nicht so eindeutig: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fellfarben_der_Katze#Rot

Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

Red tom ! ( mine is red and is a tomcat )

Shuma said...

Wayyyyyy.. You're so strong Trench' o____o

And you didn't eat them yet ?

I don't want to squeeze them I want to eat them, they're killing me shoo cute..

I guess you're more than excited and happy.. I remember how it felt when my cat had babys :3

Those pics are lighting up my day >w<

Thank you for the share and happy week end with your cats !

Angel said...

We just had some kittens at our place too. Two look just like the gray one and they are both girls.

Congratulations on becoming a new furry momma. We all just love our little fuzzy children!

Jemo Kohiri said...

so kaweii *mieps*

Elaine10 said...

Oomg..this is what i want when i get a littler older..[lol this sounds funny]
anyways ya.xD little kittens>//< so adorable!