Sir Bogard Steps

of course I mostly forgot to make screenshots. >_> mostly 1 layer painting with the brush I listed in an older post.

Step 1: digitalizing the sketch
Step 2: painting the basic colors and shapes
Step 3: starting to paint details and shadow/ light

Step 4: starting to paint the goggles and the eyes

Step 5: adding more details and sharpening the edges

Step 6: Realizing my light setting is crap, starting to repaint the whole thing...happens always *sigh* (thanks to Dani for the optical hints)

Step 7: realizing the foot looks weird... repainting it in an even weirder manner... and just imagining that it's the reason why he wants to fly....

Blending the whole thing with brush in "burn" mode. sir Bogard still looks really relaxed.

Done... I guess.


Verena said...

hehe sehr cool :D

Avlor said...


Shuma said...

Hey Trench' !

I really miss your art ~ !<3

This step by step is really nice, it shows us who you do it; I can see that you add some blue spots. Do you do it to put sir Bogard in his environment ? ( the background is green-blue.. )

Have a good night !!

trenchmaker said...

Hey Shuma. My girl, i miss dev as hell :(
Regarding the blue spots: yeah, it's a bit of the setting. IKf you put somebody in a yellow room he glows yellow so a turquoise room should be reflected as well :)