my book-addiction

... just made me order three new ones. honestly i have no idea how you can surive without an EC card AND no Amazon. Thanks god, amazon is still my best buddy when i want to get books.
The crappiest feeling is when you stand in a book-store and can't buy the one and only your soon to be favourite 4-hours-not-a-minute-longer lasting book you just found. ARGGG!!!

It happened last week and i was so frustrated that I was even more angry when the nice You-sure-you-don't-have-finanical-problems-person in my bank told me that of course my new EC card will take two more weeks. And all because the retarted guy from my last appointment forget to delete three old zombie cards still walking aroud in the bank system (but not in my pocket). One good reason to switch the bank and to make a mass-order online.

For those who really want to read good reviews and are interested in some gems follow the white rabbit.

My Top 5 (of all I have and i have... a lot):
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks Of Nature
How not to be popular (honestly, read it, the book is AWESOME)
The Gargoyle
Colors: a natural history of the palette (it's lovely how the author manages to zone out every 1,5 pages)

books I just read (cropped list because I couldn't remember all and some in German):
The Splendour Falls (if you mentally delete the last 100 pages it's good and you'll love Rhys)
Beautiful Creatures
A Great And Terrible Beauty (that one was okay but i 100%ly won't re-read it)
The Thornthwaite Inheritance (too short :((... )
---add tons of comics here... of course... after a book fair... i couldn't resist---
Fragile Eternity, Ink Exchange & Wicked Lovely (last one is still unread but I already peeked in)
and some more...

looking forward to read:
An Abundance of Katherines
... i just hope those books will be good >.<

Nata is visiting me on Monday. I bet she's abusing me as her private library again. And since I know she's gonna read this: Honey, only the paperback. And you have to bring my babies back.


Ps. Anybody read some of the books I mentioned?


Rebekah said...

I loved An Abundance of Katherine's!

I was also fond of Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange. I haven't read the other in the series.

Very interesting reads the lot of them.

Out of curiosity, you say you won't reread A Great and Terrible Beauty. But will you read the rest of the series?

Marc said...

I'm so a bookaholic too !! When I finish to read a book, I buy 3 (at least!) new ones... v__v

I heard about Beautiful Creatures, Shiver and the Melissa Marr saga but I still haven't read them yet. I'll do as soon as possible !

Do you know Goodreads ? It's a very cool site where you can list all the books you read (or want to read) and review them. The best way not to forget what you read and discover new books and authors ! :)

trenchmaker said...

regarding Great and Terrible... i have no idea if i really like the basic idea. The first part was really appealing but rainbows and sparkling water weren't really my cup of tea.
If I wanted to read something about that time (colonies in India) I rather stick to "real life stories". I guess I wouldn't have such a big problem with the story if the setting were in our time around 20something.
But again I think -and that's what I personally don't understand- even more people might have screamed "Harry Potter Copy"! ... oh well...

Alice said...

haha, i get what you mean... I am but 16 and: A) I don't get enough pocket money to buy all the books I want, b) guess what: I have no Amazon and c)I have no place to put them in my room.
I finished last week Beautiful Creatures as well. A book you may like is "The left hand of God" and "City of Bones"'... (I am not helping, am I?)

trenchmaker said...

@Alice Oh, i loved City of Bones (and Ashes was okay.. but Glass was a total disaster o_O).
If you ever consider reading 2& 3 try to get them from friends or a library. For me it's okay to have those in my cupboard but in my opinion you could have done so much more with the plot. :(