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transparent foil: 1.75 Euro (Crea Pop matte or something alike)
templates you can make out of it: tons
time you save for other things: priceless!

um.. a bit complicated to take pics of a white template on white background with zero sunlight. :/ *hmph*
okay, so mainly the biggest problem with sketches is that i really need those for everything and mostly i do a thumb-sketch before doing the final clean sketch that will be scanned and my base for the digital work.

problem: Call me stupid but i really stick to the height x width proportion and if it's not correct in my thumb i mess it up in my final sketch as well. So I came up with the idea of doing a template and thanks to my awesome bf who has everything in the depts of our monster-pax (for all ikea nerds: 3,5 meters, 70 cm deep and I hate-love it) I got a thick matte foil we seemed to have for ages. I printed out my original template in the correct size and since the foil is transparent the rest is easy. Mark the edges, cut with scissors, done.

If anybody starts making annoying sounds: guys, this one is really priceless. I know everybody tends to measure or take print outs for storyboards, daily comics or do it freehand, but a template is GOLD.
It takes some time to do one and I would suggest a thin, strong matte foil (mine measures.. .uh... 0.3 mm if I measured correctly) because you can still cut it with scissors and it's flexible enough to have a long life option.
As I said, some people might find this entry annoying. I didn't invent the wheel but I save a lot of time for the rest of my work. :D

And working with a ruler when you're in the metro is a bit complicated. The template fits easily into the back-pouch of the Moleskine (thanks for inventing that pouch... it's so useful).

Seven days after the whole sickness thing started: I can SMELL again. Wow! But coffee still tastes weird :( Crap!


Adelaida said...

I'm helpless when it comes to things like you show in the pictures - it's always uneven when I do it. And when I have to use a glue or scissors - then it looks like a battlefield :D Even with a template - the thing I'm cutting out using it looks differently every time...

I just call it "my personal touch" :D

Will we be able to see all those comics one day? :3

trenchmaker said...

@Adelaida are you left-handed or right-handed?
I cut with my right hand although I'm a leftie... maybe you should try your other hand as well... XD

You'll see these comic one day... i hope... worst case is that i post those on dev if the project get's canceld by .. whatever.

Zeitwolf said...

helpless much rather than annoying, anne!

Adelaida said...

So I hope they project won't get cancelled and I'll have to wait a bit longer :)
I'm right-handed and my left hand seems to be quite useless (it's only useful to pushing/touching buttons on tablet and keyboard when I paint :D Oh, and it sometimes holds a mug :D